Later this week, I plan to post something about depicting Muhammad. The South Park guys are exemplars of reason and virtually heroic defenders of free speech and free thought. But Pamela Geller and her people seem to be mean-spirited types who are desperate for bloodshed. I want to try to figure out what the difference is between the aesthetically valuable depictions of Muhammad by serious satirists and social critics like Parker and Stone, and the trite propaganda of Geller and her friends, and where Charlie Hebdo stands in the whole mess. Yes, I will be posting Bosch Fawstin’s attempt to debate his own drawing. I feel pretty safe from ISIS, since in Texas, the roads are so confusing that they would just drive around haplessly in their creepy terror-van, scaring old people into giving them weird directions, until they finally accidentally blew themselves up, leading to much rejoicing. Nutbag neo-Nazis, on the other hand, are slightly more worrisome, but they’d drive up, see that I fly the flag, and go home puzzled that the lefty guy flies, doesn’t burn, the stars and stripes. (Not sure why the neo-Nazis don’t recognize that ISIS are their anti-Semitic brethren, but, hey, none of these people are known for their ability to get over differences.)